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Robbie Black

Head of Brand Communications - M&S Food

Professional Bio

After spending 20 years working in advertising agencies trying to tell clients how they should be spending their budgets, Robbie thought he should put his money where his mouth is, and moved to M&S Food to become the Head of Brand Communications, responsible for advertising, media, sponsorship, branded content and CRM. Having brought back ‘This is not just…’ as their endline after a ten year hiatus, M&S Food have since sponsored Britain’s Got Talent, co-created a prime-time AFP with ITV and South Shore (Cooking with the Stars), and partnered with ITV Weather on the hugely successful ‘Fresh Market Update’ campaign that last year saw the creation of 73 individual 60 second ads, filmed across 18 farms in the UK. But according to his 13 year old daughter, none of that counts, because his crowning moment has so far been casting Tom Holland as Percy Pig in last year’s Christmas campaign.